I can’t tell you how many times I have put something on this tv and have been absolutely blown away. It doesn’t matter, video games, tv, and or movies. Whatever you remember about any movie you seen changes to amazing detail. This isn’t just with 4k movies. Every blu-ray put in my PS4 Pro/Ks 8000 set up looks like 4k itself without every being such. Nothing looks like it did, not even close. The 1000+Nits this tv pushes is beyond amazing. Sun light looks like real sunlight through the window of your home. A flash light beam looks like a spot light coming through a frame. And oh my God… the colors…the colors are flat out from another world. As I have mentioned before, I have never seen a more deeper and expansive color levels ever in my life, not in even in real life. For the first time I believe we have the first TV generation that can produce better images than real life. Is this OLED? No, it’s not but again if OLED is considered a perfect 10 this would be easily a 9.5 or higher. The biggest win for this tv is that the blacks are amazing while the brightness is on a level by itself. You would be shocked at just how much the brightness adds to the overall look especially with HDR. This is why it made more sense to me. HDR usage is so important in gaming and movies now and brightness is a huge part in how good the HDR works. So to me Samsung brightness levels and Quantum Dot tech at the price I got my Tv for was far more important and a no brainer. In fact the OLED TV thats being produced for 2017-2018 are just now getting the Nit levels the Samsung KS series have and they will be 3-10k+ more expensive than my Samsung now when they come out. If you have the money I would think that would be the perfect tv money could buy. For me this will happily do, not ready for a 3-10 thousand dollar price tag.