You may have heard of it, you might not have. But this is the most addictive toy for adults and children alike. It’s a toy to fidget with. It’s a toy that allows us ADHD adults and children to take out our energy on. It’s a toy that helps us working adults get through their boring meetings or school studies. It basically handles your floating attention so you can remain engaged in what is more important so you don’t loose focus. 

This amazing tool/toy makers requested a modest 150,000 on kickstarters and got over 6 million instead. Why? Because we all fidget. You might not know it but you do. When you sit and play catch with a tennis ball at your desk, squeeze stress toys, or flip pens and spin rings or coins. These are all fidgets. Some of us have simpler signs of having to tap our leg or bite our nails. All of the above are types of fidgets for this toy to replace. I can’t believe how much time I actually fidget until I examined my everyday life. It was then when I decided to get this. 

You have 6 sides of fidget tools at your disposal. You even have different sides and functions for silent fidgets vs noisy ones. They understood not all fidgets environments allow the same level of noise for your fidget desire. So it gives you the ability of choice. Science has even proven that those people who find a way to properly exercise their needs of fidgets concentrate better as oppose to trying to suppress it. But you decide for yourself.

 If you choose to buy this it will run you about $12-$16-$25 with different color schemes. Why different prices? Because once people learned that people invested in this toy they started duplicating the design and selling them because the first maker couldn’t get the product out to the people who bought them. Most people that invested their money into the company still haven’t received their Fidget Cube. So this opened the door for others to capitalize on the wait. So these same people went ahead and brought from other designers on the web. Some of them had great quality and build while others didn’t. You have to research the right one if you choose to go down that rabbit hole. I myself went with They seem to have the quality and professional site I could trust in pulse they have 2 day shipment and real feedback and reviews that gave very high marks. There may be others but this is the one I went with. Or you can just buy from Antsy Labs and wait for a couple of months in hopes of you getting it, your choice. For me its about the concept and function not the thought about who made it, as long as they work the same. I will have to get the original makers version in order to know for sure. But for now this will do.