I can’t be more happy for Microsoft and Phil Spencer. The hardware is going to be the most powerful for Consoles ever. This is so great! However, what I don’t understand is the lack of information on what truly makes a difference, games. The world has known about the 6 Tera flops of compute power and the memory bandwidth and hertz. What I don’t understand is the fact that nothing has changed but we seem to have hype. Now I know this is no different than Playstation who is the king of hype, but Microsoft needs to be more legit. Microsoft has something to prove with this thing and is flat out the low man on block in developers eyes and gamers as a whole. They better find a way to insure that this system separates itself from the pack very quickly. My fear is that Microsoft will push this thing without the fuel(Games)and end up stranded with a bunch of passengers thinking that it’s about to go somewhere and it doesn’t. Look, I don’t let Playstation get away with it and I’m not going to do it with Microsoft. If they come out and push this thing based on hardware alone this is going to be the biggest flop in gaming history. In fact, I can pretty much almost guarantee that this system won’t have a big launch catalog if they wait til November or December. Microsoft has done nothing so far to make up for loosing a big AAA exclusive in a year that they will have nothing but crap games launches. Playstation is set to dominate this year in gaming. I mean, it’s flat out embarrassing when you compare the line up of games set for the Playstation vs Microsoft. And on top of it, the funniest fact is that the Xbox one S will still collect more sales than the Scorpio this year. So where on earth does Microsoft think to gain ground. Thank God they have the money to blow because that’s what’s going to happen. Scorpio will launch and will take 6 months to a year to really show clear differences according to developers and then the Playstation 5 will be on the horizon and it will all be for nothing. In 2017 everybody will be gaming on ps4, pros, and xbox one s’s. It kills me when I see articles that are forgetting that most people still don’t care about 4k and the ones that do already have it. This system will launch in a “has been” market, more expensive than any other machine and showing little difference. What I mean by “has been” is that 4k gaming is already being done by consoles and it won’t be a new thing , 4k movies are already being done by consoles and it won’t be a new thing, and most importantly, its being done cheaper than what they are going to bring the Scorpio out for. It has the same color pallete the Pro has and they will not release any exclusive games for the Scorpio, just like the Pro. They even have their own version of checkerboarding for upscaling, confirmed by digital foundry. So this also tells me they aren’t going to be much different from the ps4 and upscaling to 4k will be present on the system not just native 4k only like Microsoft is pushing the idea of. If you give someone the choice between great gaming exclusives and diverse lineups vs more Tera flops and weak gaming like “Tincup” for crying out loud, I choose the games with my pro any day. Phil Spencer better wake up and show up at e3( already said they might not even show up with the Scorpio) with huge gaming reveals not just more talk about Tera flops. If they do, the system might have my money if I have the time to play two consoles this year. If not, no thanks. Will the Scorpio be the most powerful? Yes. Will that power result in a clear difference? No! Lastly will this hardware make 53 million fans run out and buy the system? No! The developers see this and this could be the reason why they have no real blockbusters for the launch of Scorpio set this far. The developer go where the money is and that is unfortunately for microsoft where Sony is. 6 Tera flops won’t change this, mark my words.”Content is King”!