Rhinoshield is a amazing company. Highly underrated and under advertised. This company’s protection accessories for phones are so superior too with as little bulk as possible. The screen protector itself is the star of the show in my opinion. It’s a plastic material not glass and yet it far surpasses any level of protection glass can offer. Take for instance, Zaggshield. I can’t tell you how many glass protector I have sent back because they keep failing for no reason. The glass just stops holding over time without any reason why. Will it stop it from scratching? Yes. But once it’s hit solid, it breaks and then you have to buy another, if it doesn’t come up by itself before then. This screen protector can be struck by hammers and it won’t need to be replace. It also fits better than glass too. 
Basically what I’m saying is that this is the best screen proetection you can buy. You can get it for Android or iPhones. So it shouldn’t matter what you have, chances are you can have this cover too. 

The next thing I added to my iPhone 7 plus is my Bumper. The Rhinoshield bumper gives a duplicate performance when it comes to protecting your phones shell. It can be dropped at 11 feet without fear of damage to the phone. 11 feet is a big distance that is rarely seen in drops of smartphone so you should rest easy knowing that whatever happens it’s protected. And even if it’s more than 11 feet there are plenty of videos on YouTube showing phones surviving even greater falls than 11 feet, some up to 20 feet or more. I personally don’t plan on trying this for the sake of being proven right or wrong. But you can feel free to check out any you find on YouTube. 

The only thing left uncovered is the back on my application but they do make back protectors too. I just decided the bumper and  front glass protector was enough. Regardless of which application combo you go with, you will completely secure your phone like never before. So if you don’t have a protection accessory, don’t wait, get these or at least one of them. You will thank me. Digitalcrack’s score is 10 out of 10! There is absolutely nothing I could want more out of these accessories.