Sometimes there are those things that come along and truly stand out as a masterpieces. Even though I have already given this thing my seal of approval I would like to give even more thoughts about this product and my iPhone 7 plus. Maybe at the end it can help you see that this isn’t just a simple bumper and screen protector. Maybe after this you will see that this is clearly something of a standout.  

Rhinoshield has done something truly outstanding and leads the way in protection in my opinion. I have seen no other company product survive like this with as little of a footprint. Sure there are big bulking products that look like you wrapped a safe around you smartphone but this isn’t one of them. This product’s designs are scientifically superior to anything I have ever seen but yet keeps your device looking as sexy as ever. 

As you can see I love having a very minimalist design for my wallpaper look. Unlike most people’s iPhones I hate having icons everywhere. So my bumper or cases have to fit this theme too. When I hold my phone the sexiness must come through and still must maintain a sense of strength. This product is this very concept embodied. I love how strong this product makes my iPhone 7 plus. I love the fact that it removes every single worry about a fall or drop. It’s already waterproofed so when you add this kinda of preotection you get a perfect combination. Frankly, I’m still blown away after the 500 foot drop test it protected the iPhone 7 plus on here not to be completely blown away. If you think for one second that you some how have a good enough protection case, bumper or screen protector and it’s not this you are more than likely dealing with something that will fail on you and probably couldn’t withstand anything like this product. So seriously do yourself a favor and run out and buy these products.