Well it’s done. Finally, I have completed my goal of adding a PC to my gaming room. I, at first was going to build it but after running into this deal at Best Buy I went ahead with this. It’s a Ibuypower PC. It has a i7 6700 with a 1060 Nvidia graphic card and 16gb of DDR4 ram. The case is big enough to be able to customize it further if I choose and that is very important these days. Another surprising thing was that this didn’t come with bloat wear and instead came with two hard drives SSD and a standard HD. They also throw in some leads with a remote to top it off. Finally looking at the reviews this thing has a 97% approval rating and did I mention it was dead silent. 

So what is the cost of such a thing? $997.00! You can’t even get this price on their own website. In fact I think this deal was a very limited offer not found anywhere else at this time. I also believe I got the last one at Best Buy, so there’s that. I will so add some games to this system and see what it’s like. My review is coming soon so stay tunned.