So the PC generation has its advantages and some disappointments as well. I guess all things come down to price and willingness to spend money. You need a lot of that if you are to match the things Consoles give you right out of the box. With PC you have the potential to have better graphics but this is only reached by a lot of configuring settings and adjusting limits on the PC. Of course with the console generation we all know it’s the same across the board with the same console hardware not really deviating from the generic versions of itself. So far I have done a lot of experiments and adjustments with my PC. It has gone back of forth from being the boring and very lack luster compared to my console. Then when other settings hit it turns to the this system that stands a long side my console equally in gaming depending on the game but standing out by itself once you compare the other things it can do other than playing games. This where things always seem to be better for most PC game owners I think. Its not one thing that the PC does in gaming that makes things great for them but its the overall experience of having so many things it can due other than just playing games that are great as well. This makes it a better overall package for those of need of such things to be had. image

But then there is competition in the 4k realm of the consoles now. Things like the Samsung KS8000 and other great TV’s that are pushing the graphics for the console generation that really put the 1080p limits of most PC gaming to shame. Yes, I guess you could just put that PC on the TV and be more 1 to 1 but I just can’t see sitting on a couch with a keyboard and mouse. Then the counter to this is that the PC can use the same controllers from the consoles. For most, this is what they want but for me I don’t want to mix the two. When I pick up a PS4 pro controller I want to play the PS4 not the Computer. When I pick up a keyboard and mouse I don’t want to play consoles. So for me they need to stay in their lanes and be what they were meant to be. So my Samsung KS8000 will always make my ps4 pro games pop better than anything I can put on the PC no matter what power I have behind it until I find a way to spend even more money on a 4k Monitor again. So with that in mind I really can’t really complete a review or comparison with my console vs the PC because they aren’t playing on the same ground. I need to buy a monitor to match the power or potential of the PC before I can properly judge it vs my Console. Right now the Pro with the Samsung Ks8000 pushing 4k graphics just kill it compared to the 1080p Asus Monitor I have for my PC. So next mission is the 4k or at least a 2k monitor to go along with this build. My work is never done. I think this is something I will buy next month or so, so look out for the follow up comparison on this.