There are plenty of different monitors out there for PC users. You have the everyday 4:3 ratios , the 16:9 ratios, the 2k’s and the 4k’s and of course we have the ultra wide monitors. My Asus monitor right now is decent but I know its not what I need to even think about being satisfied with the gaming scene for PC. I am too spoiled by the 4k resolutions and 1000 nits of my Samsung Ks8000 and my ps4 pro to settle back to 1080p graphics. Maybe I can get away with 2k graphics maybe but at the end of the day I know for sure that leaving things with a 1080p ratio will not justify to me the $1000 I spent on the PC. I will not use it for gaming unless I can find a way to equal the quality of graphics or exceed them. To be honest I am still a little shocked about what I’m not seeing with this PC. I know for sure that I’m good with power. Maybe I’m not the very best but I know that power should be able to hang at the very least in the PC world of gaming for at least the next 3-5 years. So what I’m thinking is that the PC I have is just waiting on a better monitor to show me what it can do. At least this is what I hope. But then again I do have a return period because if it can’t do gaming to my satisfaction then I will have to exchange it for a PC that is more for the basic side of things instead of having one that is geared for power.  So 4k monitors might have to be the ticket or at the very least a 2k monitor. Maybe then I can do a fair comparison of the games I have played so far.


The other concern is rather or not I go duel setup for the PC. I could add another monitor and link them together I guess. But this will not give me better resolution, only a bigger picture. But if I make those monitors at least a 2k version I might have something to brag about. If not I will have to go with a single the ultra-wide monitor. I do love how they look on peoples desk. The only fear is those black bars of death these monitors normally produce. I just want the picture to be stretched out properly and without lost of resolution. So, more homework is required about this step before I take it of course. When I decide I will definitely brings this up to the site and might just do a unboxing and or a room tour when all is done.