Well we learn and learn and learn. It never stops doesn’t it? Sometimes it’s something assumed and other times it something taught or spoken by others that leads us to the wrong conclusion. I have been beating myself up about this new PC. Trying to understand why others love the graphics while I didn’t find anything really exciting about it. Yes I knew that I was dealing with a different beast with the Ps4 pro and the upcoming Scorpio. But something still didn’t set right with me. I felt like I was missing something and I was. Thanks to the power of Youtube I was able to listen to a fellow Tech geek discuss the reason why you should not go for 27 inches when dealing with 1080p graphics. The reasoning was simple and already known but I for some reason didn’t remember it until now. If you stretch out a picture without higher pixels then what you get is a picture that is less clearer than a picture that is of the same pixel count but with a smaller footprint. Basically a 24 inch monitor will be clearer and prettier in details than the 27 inch monitor at 1080p because it has no more pixels than the 24 inch monitor, it’s only blown up. This makes crisp images look blurry. This is why I could not be satisfied with the images I was getting with my PC. The monitor was the reason why. I had that 27 inch monitor without anymore pixels than the 24 inch monitors and it was killing my details in the games. So I’m fixing that right now. Luckily a friend of mine with way to much money and time on his hand decided to part ways with 2 of his 5 24 inch monitors for cheaper than what I could buy them for in the store. He even allowed me to take it home and try it out to confirm my thoughts and what I was being told on Youtube. Well, it got confirmed. Graphic took a big jump forward. 

Now the games look like something people on PC claims they were getting and experiencing. Now I can start to see advantages in the PC gaming side. I still need a Display port cable for my setup to make sure I get the maximum power out of the monitor because of as of right now I only have it hooked to HDMI. Once I get the display port cable I should be able to hit well higher than 60hz for my gaming. Already though, the colors are popping and the clean look and details are very pleasing. Now for those of you that think that they have to have a 27 inch monitor, they suggest you get something that is no less than 2k resolutions and up to 4k resolution. Stay away from 1080p graphics on the monitor at 27 inches.