Well the experiment continues with the gaming room and the PC. Today another blessing came my way allowing me to add a 2nd monitor to the set. When I did however I notice that my L shaped desk didn’t do this set up any favors. It bothered the OCD inside me. It bothered to the point that the desk had to be modified and taken apart to produce what I needed. This desk, one long desk with no curves! In doing so I had to remove all sorts of wired management that I did and unhook every single wire and power cord I had. I emptied the desk completely and started over from scratch.


As you can see I think I did a pretty good job of modifying that desk that was a L shaped, to a desk that was rectangle.  Now the two monitors can be used properly and efficiently to my liking. If you wondering about the two monitors, they are Asus 144hz 1ms 24inch monitors. They both look pretty good sitting next to each other right now but I know that they can look better with a dual Monitor stand. So that will be next on my list of things to do. Finally, I will have to get a desk with more room but this modification will hold me over til that day comes. So, I guess one could say that the PC experiment has worked out so far. I still don’t see myself going completely PC gaming over console at this point. But maybe as I get older and play less games the more the computer will be needed for me.