The Microsoft drought continues. Yet another exclusive wasted for 2017. After losing their Dragon game, Scalebound, exclusives were already going to be tight going into E3. Well, today they just got more bad news. The franchise Halo’s game will only sell in minimal numbers. Now, this might not surprise anyone that plays on console but Strategy games don’t do very well historically on consoles. Could this game do well on PC? You bet! Strategy games are big for PC users. This could be a big win for them on that platform. The reason why this shouldn’t matter because the bottom line picture is surrounded by one word, Scorpio. Without real games that bring attention to the format Scorpio will be just another hardware on the shelf. I have preached on this subject for months now because it is a real issue. We are almost 3 months into the new year without one word of new exclusives to be delivered by Microsoft. This means, as time goes by, that there is a smaller and smaller chance of Microsoft having anything this year for Scorpio other than what we already own today plus maybe a Forza. Personally, I think this is what they will open up with to use to help sell the Scorpio. But Forza will not be enough to make people and developers focus on Scorpio over the Ps4 Pro. If I was Microsoft I would open up my entire library of games on the PC to the Scorpio and this will help sustain the system’s sell and drive into more exclusive content and or games can be released for the Xbox with Scorpio patches attached to them. But I’m just a gamer.What do I know, right? As a game, I can guarantee that this system fails without something more than Forza, Crackdown, and Cuphead leading the way for exciting games for your platform. Microsoft has to find a way to impress with games before they lose out on a grand opportunity.