Well, the build and the modifications that I needed to make to it is complete. I love the look and the overall feel of everything. I went through quite a lot of changes and disassembling to come up with what I finally have. I’ve added monitors and modified my desk and relocated things to fit my room better. I worked for days on my setup and it’s still not fully perfect yet. I have some cable management to do that I have left alone for now until I get my next desk that I’m looking into. Once I have that desk I will redo my cable management.


Meet CLUEEEE!!! I felt that this was a fitting name for a such a PC build and light show that I have. Clue’s directive was the same for me it seems. To build the perfect system, well within a certain budget that is. I think we got this done. And much like Clue he and I can only act with the knowledge that we have during its creation. We will take on many faces and colors throughout this journey. Hope you guys enjoy the creation. Probably gone too far to be talking about taking things back. As it stands now I have two monitors now instead of one and they are matching Asus 144hz. I also destroyed my corner desk and modified it to a straight desk, all while adding a Corsair Mouse and extended pad. It’s coming together like it’s creating itself. It’s hard work but hopefully, it creates a balance.