show17The Show 17 is a masterpiece of work. Sony’s masterpiece has nailed baseball at its finest.Year after year they show out for the Show. The gameplay is some of the best in sport video games. Their reign at the top is without challenge and sometimes these things come back and bite people in the back. As of right now,  there is no word on the possible 4k patch for the MLB 17. I don’t know if Sony is holding this back as a last-minute surprise or not. Maybe they are and just don’t want to make the Playstation owners without the 4k ability mad. But regardless of their reasonings, it seems very stupid to abandon this 1st party chance at a showcase for the Pro system to really stand out and show why it should be purchased by the Playstation nation.


Right now all we have is a confirmation that the graphics for the standard system have been increased. This is very well needed and smart of them to do this year. But to allow this year to go by without implementing a 4k patch for the pro to help push the attention to the system is stupid. I know some will say it’s not needed but they are wrong. How can you push your Pro system but not support this through your own first party studio? If this was Microsoft, they wouldn’t stop talking about how pathetic Microsoft is by not supporting their system they just told people to get. How can Sony expect developers to work on the support if they themselves don’t support the need to push it? Yes, I know not everyone wants the Pro system, but I do and I’m not alone. I see the differences and I love it. But as I said when it first came out; Sony needs to get behind the push for the patches for the games to justify the need of bringing out another console. At this time they are not doing this. Why? I have no earthly idea.