Well I got another spinner. This time it’s the CKF Pepyakka 2.0 clone. I say clone because the orginal one isn’t made anymore. In fact the only way to get the original design is by clone of buying it off someone for about $700-$900 even though the design went for $200 when they were available. So knowing these options I went with the cloned version. 

Mine, instead of being titanium is aluminum. It’s a much littler weight being aluminum but it is still less durible as well, if dropped on the ground.  Mine also came straight black and silver. The original was black, silver, and blue. So I decided to paint the blue on the circles just like the original design. 

Mine also doesn’t have the CKF logo on the button with the trinium glow in the dark values.  But I would still say overall I don’t think I did a bad Job at at least coming in close. 

Now what I am very proud of is the spin times. I can get 3 1/2 minutes of spin time on this clone. This is incredible for a spinner, clone or otherwise! This is mostly due to the ceramic baring it houses. On the orginal version they have this as well but the barings are completely sealed. Mine are seen and open to clean and maintain, which is a positive thing I believe. So far it’s been fun but I’m not yet ready to call this a replacement for my fidget cube. Will need more time with this item before I can truly say. What I can say right now is that it’s better than the torque bar. It feels so amazingly balanced because it’s a tri spinner over a dual spinner. The three arms gives it more balance and stability upon its spins. Due to this I don’t have to think or focus near as hard as I did with the torque bar to keep it in my hands during spinning. As a result, the small yet very relaxing vibrations the barings create actually give off this euphoric feeling. It’s sounds strange, I know but it’s hard to really put it into words unless you have one. I will say this as well, if the CKF Pepyakka 2.0 maker started up again I would pay the $200 to get it. It’s worth it to me. Until then the Clones will have to do.