Project Scorpio will need some serious help this year it seems. Most are reporting that the system will need more time to have the properly developed games they need to show off the hardware. While this is nothing new with any new hardware, this seems more hurtful for someone like Microsoft. Microsoft needs to set itself apart and needs to make a statement. That statement can’t be “wait”, it needs to be “now” in terms of readiness to deliver the goods. Every moment wasted gives their competition more time to develop a counter. Microsoft needs time on the market to dominate. They need a good 2 years of being the absolute best on the market to have a proper shot of making a go of it. Sony right now is in the best position right now. They have all the games and developers backing them. They also have the mindshare of the gamers as a whole worldwide. Something Microsoft has not had since the Xbox 360. One good thing did develop out of this. We now have a confirmation on the e3 event. It will include the Xbox Scorpio. Unlike previous statements by Microsoft that stated that they weren’t sure if they would show up at e3 with the Scorpio, this time they seem to be making the right choice. So we at least now know that the Scorpio information will be seen and possibly even some demos to show off the power. But with the news pointing out that we might have to wait for another year before we start to see games come out is a real concern. I know most don’t want to think this will happen but I think it will. This is what I have been talking about for a while now. The lack of game announcements lines up perfectly with this news. Microsoft doesn’t have games for this year. It basically sucks to high kingdom. With the Scorpio due out this year( Holiday season) then we know it won’t have games that support it properly.  Will games work on it? Yes, but they won’t be something that uses the true power of the console. This will most likely put them on the same page as the Ps4 pro checkerboarding. Don’t get me wrong, I think they will have at the very least Forza Motorsport for this system but that’s about it. So, basically at the end of the year, might as well be 2018. This year seems to be moving straight towards the directions of all the rumors. 2018-2019 will have to be the time we will see the true potential of the Scorpio system. That’s basically almost 2 years down the road before you see the fruits of the labor for the console. This isn’t good for Microsoft because what you have waited on is the announcement of yet another Playstation console that will have the power greater than the Scorpio but with games, the fans and developers numbers to back it. As always, I’m hoping that Phil kills it at e3 and I can go out and put my money down on this system because it will have the games needed to properly support such a release. But at the sametime, I am prepared to hear what I believe will come, disappointment in what matters the most, games.