So my experiment continues today. I took the Cloned Pepyakka to work today to test out the possibility of the use vs the Fidget Cube. Today was all the Pepyakka. Tomorrow will be about the Fidget cube. We will have to determine a winner for the fans after that. It will not be easy as both have served me very well for fidgeting. One important fact that stood out today was that the Cloned CKF Pep needed to be cleaned and blew out. Yes, I dropped it like a million times on the ground and desk but it survived. I have very little signs of a drop or damage to the unit. But what I did notice was that the bearings weren’t as perfectly balance as the original shown on youtube. So, you guys already know what I did. I had to clean the bearings in hopes of making a better and smoother operation. Another side note I noticed before I cleaned the unit was that the spin times dropped drastically. At first, I was getting 3 minutes spin times and now I’m not getting 1.5 x’s the spin. So, you guys know I went through with the cleaning. As fate would have it, it didn’t work. Once I cleaned it with the 90% alcohol I used canned air to blow out and dry out the bearing. This, I thought, was going to restore things to what they needed to be. It didn’t. I made the once whisper spinning of the ball bearings turn into the noise of metal scraping across metal. The noise was very loud and very bothersome.

So I took it upon myself to do something I was told not to do by others, and that was to oil my bearings. I was willing to sacrifice the spins times for smoother and quieter operations. Did it work? Why yes it did. It’s smoother than the day I first opened it up. I can’t express just how great that smoothness is. It’s something you have to experience yourself. It’s basically like spinning on butter without any real noise of the bearings. But this still doesn’t bring me any closer to crowning the overall champ. To be fair I think I will need more time into the spinner before I can truly judge it being that it’s much better than it was before. I will say that it feels like more of a conversational piece than the Fidget cube. It’s more adult than kids for spinners strangely. I think the Fidget cube makes people look at you prematurely in the wrong way vs the Spinners. I don’t know why either. Maybe it’s the build quality. The spinners look more like an adult gadget vs the plastic look of the Fidget cube. This may even end up the deciding factor when the experience is over, who knows? What I do know is that I like it and will certainly be keeping both items. Which one I carry on a regular basis? This remains a mystery.