Well, the last two Fidget forces exist in these two items. A fidget spinner or fidget cube? Which is the best toy for Digitalcrack’s fidget needs. One spins and but spins superior. The other is a master of multiple tools. Which one has the most lasting effect on me was something I really had to put into place. It wasn’t easy but I think we are finally ready to pick a winner.

First off is the delivery and presentation

The Fidget spinner clone of the CKF Pepyakka 2.0 is a clone but it is a very well made clone. Too bad I don’t have the real one to compare so this will have to do. As far as being a spinner, it rules. I love the balance and the force around the spinning. It looks very techy and it quickly catches the eyes of most people that see it in your hand. It’s a very good conversational piece pretty much everywhere you go. While the presentation was not the strongest the ability to fit into any situation and pull eyes is a very good trait to have. Part of me still feels that it still could have been even stronger of a piece if I had the real one. Discussing the limit editions and where it came from is easily a headliner of conversation for about 30 minutes to an hour. And it never fails to bring someone to you asking to hold it and spin it. Even if they have seen it a million times it pulls you back to it wanting to spin it.

But then we have the fidget cube coming up the rear. Let’s not forget this is is the champion of all fidget items. It is the most successful items ever to hit Kickstarter. It is so successful that they have yet to get everyone’s cube to them. People are paying double and triple for the cubes on eBay to owners who got more than one. As a reference in the mall today. A lady saw the spinner in my hand and asked me about the item and as I explained to her about fidgeting she knew right away what I was talking about. But it wasn’t until I brought out the cube that she went crazy. She couldn’t stop going over the buttons and gears and slide sides. She fell in love with the cube completely within seconds. She didn’t once ask to see the spinner after that. That turned to her friends in the store coming over to see the cube too. They also saw the spinner but didn’t once ask about it as soon as they saw the cube. All they wanted to know was how to get one.

Now at first glance, you would almost call this a tie. However, being that we are talking about this particular cube vs this particular spinner, the presentation will still is edged out with the presentation of the Fidget Cube box and packaging. You really felt like you got something well thought out. Now, if this spinner would have been the original Pepyakka then this would be a different story and I’m sure if I ever get that one we will revisit things but until then the edge will have to go the Cube.

Next up is the fidget actions

This characteristic isn’t a very far one but it is why you would buy such an item. Spinners are so one dimensional vs the Fidget cube. This is something that really isn’t a fight. You can spin and that’s really it. When you get tired of spinning, then what? With the Cube, you got so many ways you can experience things, so many ways to fidget. You also need no concentration during operations. Your body’s muscle memory will handle all things concerning the Cube. However, with the Spinners, you have to concentrate on what you are doing. If you don’t you stand a good chance of dropping it. And if you paid a lot for the spinner this will sicken you everytime it hits the floor. The cube even gives you the ability of hiding it and using it in your pocket if you so choose to do it. If you want to spin the spinner you have to take it out.  So as far as this round goes, it easily is won by the Fidget Cube.

Cost/availability is next.

Now, this is something that can change pretty fast but Spinners are everywhere if you are not stuck on a particular style and brand like I am. The Pepyakka 2.0 is by far the greatest spinner I have every seen. I want the real one so bad that I can’t really truly express how bad I really want to buy this thing. It’s not made anymore right now but more could come into stock and if they do I will pay well over the asking price if needed for it. The Fidget cube is similar. If you really want the true one and not a clone then you will have to wait. The difference is that your waiting is weeks as oppose to possibly never with the Pepyakka 2.0.Then the cost difference is great. The Pepyakka 2.0 will cost you, at the very least $210 if they make more. If not it will cost you 2nd hand a total of $500-$1000 because it is so hard to come by one. The Fidget Cube, on the other hand, will cost you a mere $25 dollars with free shipping if you can wait the weeks. If not, it will cost you double on eBay at least. But even if you somehow can’t wait and do go ahead and pay for that price, it still isn’t anywhere the cost of a retail Pepyakka 2.0. If you go with clones then you will still end up paying more for them over the cubes to because their average prices start at $40-$50 and even $200 if you aren’t careful. So no matter how you slice it the Fidget cube will win this round as well.

Last up is the intangibles 

So what about those intangible things that make you like something no matter how weird or crazy having makes you look. The Spinner, when active gives this amazingly hard to put into words feeling of gravity and perpetual motions all at once. I can’t tell you fully without you feeling it for yourself. But the feeling of the spinning creates something unseen but powerful in your hands as you move your hands freely in different directions. It’s so magical. I know this sounds weird but it’s true.

With the cube, it’s magic is similar. While the spinner was more of an invisible force, the Cube though has an unspoken gratifying feeling as you click, spin, and rub the areas on your Cube. It like energy and stress cycle through your hands and fingers tips as you use the cube. And to be able to do this without anyone watching what you are doing is another security blanket you have up your sleeves.

Both of these items deliver in different ways on the intangibles. So this round, I would have to say, is a tie. Can’t tell you of a day that I didn’t want one of them on me at all times. Even now it feels so weird if I leave the house without both. It’s become something like a watch that completely makes you feel naked if you forget it leaving the house.

Overall winner: Fidget Cube

Well just like before if there is a winner it’s the king of the hill, the Fidget Cube. It truly is the complete fidget tool and has way too many advantages going for it. While the spinner hold’s it’s own and will have a place in my pocket at all times still the Cube is not replaceable like the spinner is.