Mass effect Andromeda is such a pivotal game for my gaming life. As I get older I find that gaming is less and less of a important thing for me to do. I have found this to be the case during the years prior but I would find that diamond in the rough that would help restore my energy and mindset in gaming. Now, it’s even a bigger issue these days. I thought that next great thing would have been the PC gaming, but I was wrong. I have the PC and have the games and I’m still not feeling it. Are the games great? Yes but these days I find it more entertaining to watch others play games than play them myself. I spend way more time watching Twitch than I do playing games. This is not something I understand. I really don’t want this to be the case. I really do want to play but every time I set down to play, all I can think about is everything else I could be doing other than playing games. I even find it more entertaining watching movies and tv series than playing games now. In the past, I would fight against myself because I would get a glimpse that this was happening and I would defeat it. Now, it seems I’m losing and can’t get it back. Watchdogs 2 was my last game I enjoyed and haven’t enjoyed anything else since. I’m hoping that Mass Effect will be the medicine I need to make me well again.