Sometimes evil and sometimes good comes to mind of owners of headphones all over the world when you mention Beats. Me personally, think that Beats have grown since the original versions but hasn’t grown much since. They really haven’t put out any new styles of their headphones in years. Most thought that once Apple bought out the rights this would change immediately but it didn’t, at least not from the outside. So what do we have now? Wireless connections to help push Apple wireless generation further. They added the W1 chip to the headset to help with the power management and syncing to help the overall magic apple products are supposed to have. So is there magic here for me? I will have to confess I tried not to be impressed with the syncing but it was like magic. Easily the fastest sync I have ever accomplished with any item. There was just something that’s really impressive about being able to open up a product like this and be up and running in less than 2 minutes with a fully charged battery with a 40 hour playback time. The sound though really hasn’t changed that much, if any.



Some will say it has, some will say it got worse or better. Point is that it’s subjectable no matter what you think. Not everyone will get the same reaction out of using these headphones. Right now, I have gone back and forth with the Beats Solo 3’s and the older wired Beats Studio. The sound quality of the Studios is still better to me. After about 10 minutes of listening to songs seeing the advantage of the studios had over the solo 3’s I was really thinking about taking them back tonight but the store was closed. However, after about 30 minutes into leaving only the Beats solo 3’s on, my ears adjusted and then I started to want to listen to them more and more. What stood out and connected to me was the comfort levels. I was surprised at the comfort of the Solo 3’s. My wife has the Solo’s 2 and I thought these were the exact design minus the wireless chip and blue-tooth, I was wrong. The did something different with the tightness and softness of the cushion on the Solo 3’s. The Solo 2’s were so tight and uncomfortable on my ears after only about 15 minutes or so. So I think this is the reason they never got to stay on my ears long enough for me to get to this point. I’m so glad they did address this at least. Sometimes the comfort can dictate the overall score and feel of the headphone. Even now as I listen to the headphones, all I can remember is what I’m hearing now. I can’t remember what the Studios sounded like and what advantages they had over these originally. I suppose it will be the same thing if I stopped listening to these and went back to the Studios.


In the end of the day, what is this whole push about? Wireless connection! This is the whole point when all the smoke is cleared. The headphone delivers in this department. The sound without wires might be thought to be nothing really that should make a difference, but it does. Yes, I have wireless earphones but no wireless headphones and they provide different feelings of surround effects. When I need the sound inside me earphones are unbeatable. But when I need the surround effect and that comfort of something around my ears or over them the headphones are untouched. On top of this, the fast charge ability of these to get me 3 hours of playback in 5 minutes of charging is just sick when you are on the go and that’s only if you run out of the 40-hour battery life. This is something I can’t get out of any earphone or headphone other than this. These two traits alone could be the needed thing that keeps these in my bag and not back on the store shelve. Oh, did I mention to you that I got these for only $219 as oppose to the $299?