With every new product, we have to take it through its paces. We have to find out what works on the surface vs what doesn’t work under pressure or close examination. The closest competition to the Beats solo 3 is it’s older brother the Studios. Why not others? Because the Studios are the only pair of over the ear headphones I own currently. Have I had others? Yes, but the Studios beat them out and remained top of the food chain for headphones in my opinion for my style of music. So, what we have here at first glance we have the physical looks. The studios are much bulkier than the Solo 3’s to nobody’s surprise.With that comes the issue of weight and storage options. It’s not a very hard thing to understand that the Solo 3’s are easier to carry and put around your neck than the Studios. This is something that I always thought about whenever I would have them out and about. The next thing that bothered me the need of the cord. I got tired of holding onto the cords or trying to hide them out of the way while I walked around. With the Solo 3’s the wiring isn’t a thing to worry about. I also can put them around my neck and forget about it. The Studio’s weight over my neck would be uncomfortable after only a short while.


The weight of the decision on which of these headphones weigh heavily on me. Yes, I could keep both but we all know I do try and stay to 1 of each item if possible. If I keep the Solo’s the Studios will be only used during DJ sets. As far as my Jaybird earphones I will keep them because they are the very best sounding period. The Problem is the battery life, it sucks compared to the Solo 3’s. To be frank, everything sucks compared to the battery life of the Solo 3’s. And it is this feature that keeps this headphone on my radar. It just might be the only pair of listening devices I take with me out of town on my next business trip. I normal take a pair of them but with these headphones, I only have a need for one as long as there is no set backs.


One thing I did experience and have since corrected this issue is the problem of the Bass flood. I think mine were bad from stock or something. The speaker during high bass was floody and it wasn’t tight as my Studios. I thought this was something related to the Solo’s. However, all this changed when I was in Best Buy today and picked up their demo unit which showed no such issues. I then saw something else that made me stop and think. It was the Matt finish on their exclusive version of the Solo 3’s. The one’s I had were from Costco and they were the Glossy fingerprint magnet versions. I can’t tell you how many times I had to clean this over and over in the short time I had them. So I took them back and got the Matt finish one’s from Best Buy after they matched the Price of the Costco version, that is. I like these a lot better. I get the same headphone without having to worry about fingerprints and sounding better during high bass hits. Did I ever mention that these match my Iphone Matte black back? Final review of the headphone I will post soon, so stay tuned.