You know that feeling don’t you? That feeling you get when your spouse or child brings home a new pet and you know initially that you plan on sending it back where ever they got it from. But what happens is that you start to fall in love with it yourself even though you promised yourself that you wouldn’t. Now, you spend more time playing with the dog than the people that brought it home. It has become part of you and you like the idea of it. In fact, sometimes you find that you needed it more than the people that wanted it. This is what happened to me and the Beats Solo 3’s. I wanted to take them back and had ever intention of doing so. But something happened. I got addicted to the ease of use. I fell in love with the carelessness of not having to worry about battery life. It started to become second nature to reach for them during my daily tasks. Hell, they even match my clothing lineup most days when I left the house for work or for whatever. I suppose the biggest thing is that I need it. I need something to take the place of a big void in my life, Video Games. I have gotten to the point that I play less and less of them. It’s become so bad that I find myself trying to find ways of convincing myself not to get rid of my newly bought PC because I know I might not ever play Video Games again. So why keep a $1000 PC?  The best thing to do when you are absent of a habit is to fill it with another one before you go mad. So this is one of my passions that I feel could be plugged into its space faster than any other thing I can think of. On top of that is the fact that, the Beats were on sale for $219. So when I add up everything I give the amazing W1 chip added Solo’s called 3 a nice 9 out of 10 Digitalcrack score rating. I personally don’t know of a longer lasting blue tooth headset or earphone set that last longer and has this type of ease of use and sound quality for my genre of music. No perfect 10 is given because while the sound is very good, it’s still not perfect. The studios and my Jaybirds still sound better. But neither of those last as long as these do, nor does it have the ease of use, battery life, along with portability these pack.