For those of you that have kept up with my gaming trails with PC gaming, you all know that I give it the old college try. I got a pretty good Vr ready Pc system, a really good keyboard and mouse, and even connected my Xbox one controller to it. I download games I really wanted to play, games recommended, and even classics. I even went out of my way and modified my desk and added monitors. When I finished all I did was surf the internet and watch twitch most of the time. The times where I actually played games were very quick session because I became very bored. I kept thinking that this would get better but it didn’t and $1000 is a lot for something that I wasn’t going to really use. The reality was that I didn’t do nothing more with my PC that I wasn’t doing already with my tablet or Console. Both of which I already had. So with one day to spare, the PC generation ended for Digitalcrack. I know some of this may be because I’m not really excited about games right now. But the major thing is that I never really found the PC games really good to begin with. Console just work better, without headaches, and without complications. Apps like Twitch look amazing compared to my Pc. 4K Samsung ks8000 series are far better than monitors. Monitors I would say are better if you are comparing it to regular 1080p tv. But monitors compared to Samsungs Tv graphic don’t really reach the same levels. Last thing to remember is that I don’t play first persons shooter or play online. I like playing the CPU when I play games. Maybe if I liked multi player gaming and first person shooters I would feel different but I don’t so it’s over. I will finish my PC build for productivity in the near future but gaming on them isn’t for me.