Hands down the most coveted spinner I have ever seen is the CKF Pepyakka 2.0. There is no spinner that is as loved as this one. The Maker located in Russia makes them based on preorders alone for $190-$220. In fact if you don’t own a pre -order now you probably won’t get one as it is a discontinued item now. CKF says the maker may make more but right now you can only get them on EBay if the owner decide to sell theirs. If you do get it on EBay be prepared. The whopping bids on these spinners sell for $800-$900 for the real ones(not the Clones I ordered before). The owners of the real ones know that this is a rare item with limited availability. They are even numbered.

The amazing details put into this spinner is art and machinery at its finest. Titanium with tritium valves insert at the tip just screams hard work and log hours making this Spinner. So I can understand that there will be a limit supply. This is and will be probably the only spinner that can finally take the spot of my Fidget Cube. But I will have to wait and see once it gets here. It’s going to take weeks, I’m told, because it shipping from Germany to the USA. If it comes early then fine but I’m not going to make myself go crazy hoping for this spinner anytime soon. The big part is over. I successfully order one and now I wait. Within minutes of my completing my order the unit had sold out. I don’t know if they only had one and just so happened to log in at the right time or they only had a handful and they went that quick. Regardless, I am so excited ! I can’t wait to show you guys this.