Well it’s been a joy to finally own this spinner. Will this be my last spinner? Probably not! If it is my last spinner I can say this is by far the best I’ve seen to date. The titanium build of this product is a compete solid piece for what I can tell. This unit has nothing loose on it. It’s so strong and yet so smooth. The movement is like butter, as you would expect. It’s the balance of perfect weight and strength that really stands out. 

It’s barings are ceramic ACH bearings, rated among the best bearing sets you can have. And while mine was one of the few that he made that wasn’t balanced I had to weight to the barings broke in and some initial cleaning before getting 2:30 spin times. This is pretty good for me. It’s not going to get 4/5 minutes but I’m fine with this. 

Now, because of this addition to my fidget life I have two great Fidget tools. I still haven’t found out which I like more still to date. I thought I would have figured this out by now but I haven’t.  I will say that I play with this spinner more than the cube but this could be because it’s newer. So I’m not sure of anything right now. 

In turning the page on all that I have used in Fidgets tools this stands out in the dark, literally. Anton Malyshev work is so magical. From knives to spinners it’s all masterpieces. And it’s been a sure blessings to be among the few to have been in the right place and right time to grab one of these. For those of you who wants one unfortunately you might be out of luck as it is discontinued but there is always eBay if you are willing to pay $500-$800.