So what happens when you take one of the best Sports game franchises in the world and fix its issues with frame rates and boost its graphics? Well you probably the best sport game ever made if Sony could have fixed the bugs and network failure upon launch. Adding HDR and resolution boost option to the Show was something very well hid by Sony. Everyone who owned a PS4 pro wanted information on this. As far as most were concern there would be none because Sony never announced it. Then just days before launch they announce it. It was like they were trying their best to keep this a secret and boy was it did it feel like a weight lifted off my shoulders when I saw they did in fact have higher specs for the Pro. Once I got this downloaded early, thanks to Sony’s preorder digital options, I was ready to play the moment the counter ended. I love this feature and think this is one that make things so much more easer than trying to download the game at the same time every other person is trying. In fact this was the first baseball download I have done with Sony that didn’t get messed up. Every year prior downloading MLB it would be a corrupt download or it wa just hang for days before finishing. So I had high hopes that the network might be ready this time. It wasn’t. As soon as the game started the network was down so any hopes of playing online was gone as well as any network feature you normally get. Luckily for me I don’t like playing online but seeing those errors just reminded me how bad Sony’s network issue still are. 

So after quickly moving on from the errors. I wanted to see these 4k graphics with HDR and went to the settings bypassing everything else to set it to 4k and turned up the HDR.  So I started a game and I immediately saw two things. One, the HDR intensity seems to only over kill the brightness levels. It doesn’t make things richer the blacks/pop the light reflections like it suppose to. So turning it up isn’t a good idea guys. The next thing I notice was the most painful. The 4k resolution was horribly done. Why? Basically they gave 4k but at 30 frames a second(probably under 30 fps at times if I’m honest). I mean it’s really, really bad. Horrible movement for the sake of saying I have 4k isn’t worth two dead mouse feet. What were Sony thinking. I know they could have done better than this. So that’s when I took things from 4k to enhanced graphics with higher frame rates. This was were the sweet spot was. The graphics immediately looked better and ran better. I assume with the boost mode already doing its job putting it at enhanced graphics really upscales it close to 4k anyway but at least brings fps at 45. And if you really wanted to push things to the butter zone you could let the boost mode handle everything and just set it on frame rate. You’ll get that 60 fps that this game franchise has needed forever. Trust me, you have never seen this game run better with this mode. As far as the rock solid gameplay, it’s the same as it has always been. They have done a great job at fixing some of the issues people had with stealing and some other over used cheat things for bunts. Basically they tightened up things making things better in every department. I’m sure Sony will fix the network soon but really with this many years behind this, people shouldn’t have to wait. Overall, this game mixed with the PS4 pro and my AMAZING 4k HDR KS8000 Samsung tv creates a beauty that smiles like an Angel back at you. My set up is pure sickness and this game further shows it off. So for the score….easily 9.5 out 10