Well, the time has come that I promised. I have completed my custom build with the help of my friend of course. There was just only so much that I could do myself for the first time. I know, I know, I should have done it all for myself but I didn’t want to be mess up this build because I was so close to just giving up on it and buying the PC back. I know that if I experience too much pushback that I would give up on it and run out and purchased the PC again that I took back. Is it just as colorful as the other one? No, of course not. But I personally didn’t need all that stuff. I just needed to be able to create, play and multitask on my computer. 

With this PC-Build, I have exactly what I wanted. And if I wanted to play games on it I can and it looks just as good as it did with the $1000 build. In fact, the only thing I’m missing for the Previous build was 8gb of ram to equal 16gb. So I ordered that ram stick which will be here Monday and it will be even more a foregone conclusion. I might add some other fans on that are a little quieter on this build but that’s about it. I don’t plan on overclocking this PC so I shouldn’t need to do a water cool system. Most importantly, I saved the money that I felt so bad about spending on such a system that I wasn’t going to really play video games on, thanks to my Ps4 pro and my Samsung KS-8000. So my AMD 8350 with a 970 4gb video card and 16gb of memory should hold me tightly for the next couple of years at least. Even more so if I never want to play games on it in the future. Now, I have to deal with all the issues that come with PC’s. The crashes, the failed downloads, the corrupt files, and the viruses. This is the part that I don’t look forward to seeing or dealing with. This is why I prefer the Console over the PC nations.


Just added two new fans with blue led lights that are more silent than the default ones with the case.