Having a PC is not only about getting the right CPU or Graphic’s card. It’s also about the peripherals. The right mouse and keyboard are very important to your connection to the things you are doing. Playing games, graphic design, and or just simply writing on paper or blog becomes either a headache or a task you look forward to doing thanks to the equipment. Luckily this is me. I love this keyboard and mouse by Logitech. I’m not really sure why more and more people aren’t as crazy about these as I am. The Mouse is a pure joy to scroll and move around thanks to weight that it lets you design and the amazing free flowing scroll wheel custom design. For me, there is really nothing better than this mouse for me. Using this mouse for whatever you choose just feels right. Surfing the net now becomes surfing on butter. If feels so amazing to scroll through pages that it feels like you riding the perfect wave. I have never felt a better experience.





Then we follow that up with the most amazing typing experience I have every had. I introduce to you The (fixed) G910 Orion by Logitech! I have tried the other keyboards like the Corsair’s 70 and 65’s. While they felt really good for gaming it wasn’t as rich for just typing like this keyboard was. This is all thanks to the new exclusive Romer G switches built into this thing. The travel on these switches are so soft and so, so fast. They register faster than any switch on the market on any keyboard available to date. At first, I wanted the sound feedback of cherry blue switches but that died away after a bit and I got into the more quicker and quieter switches.


Well, this keyboard meets those needs much faster than any keyboard, period. And as far as lighting goes, you are in for a treat. The font and lighting brightness on this thing is second to none as well. My previous keyboard by Corsair offered custom design switch lighting and all but the software was so over complicated and the fonts had nothing on these. The software for this keyboard is more streamlined and easier to follow. The look and feel of the keys they redid from their first attempt are so beautiful this time through. Their first attempt was too concaved. It basically prevented in fluid motion in typing and was more for video games only.


The newest design was back to the basics without losing anything that was really good about the first design, as you see in the first picture of the article. Now we have fast typing for writing and quick typing responses for gaming. This should be the lead that every designer of keyboard takes in the future. I’m not going to plug in one keyboard for gaming and another for the writing of articles and emails. And maybe people were so burnt by the first design that they didn’t even give them another shot at making up for this. I guess you can say that’s fair but I’m here to tell you from the standpoint of a guy that sees this for what it is, its a one of kind pure joy to have this thing as my keyboard. As long as I have a PC this will be my choice for switches and may even be the last keyboard I will ever need.