Thursday could be the day that most will ask the question, where were you at when Microsoft revealed the details on the New system. There is so much that could be said tomorrow and most will surround the one thing that will be left out, the price. According to reports, no prices will be revealed tomorrow but that Microsoft plans on this to be revealed at E3.  So being that this reveal is being done by the site Digital foundry, it looks like this will be more like a spec talk than anything else. I am hoping games will be talked about but again that might be something better left for the E3 event. But I still hold out hopes for it to be done tomorrow. Some are reporting that prepurchasing might become available tomorrow as well. Although I doubt that because no prices are said to be revealed. Already I can see the hate and venom already from the Playstation side of things. I’m sure someone will find the event boring or lackluster. Most will claim that they are lying about something and will continue to believe whatever makes them feel better at night. Me I’m going to take a site like Digitalfoundry and count it at their word being that they are normally a Playstation pusher. One good thing Microsoft has said is that tomorrow will have some surprises. Well to me that means either the hardware we were told is even better or there are some games that we didn’t know where cooking that might make it out. Who knows, maybe both! Either way, tomorrow will be a good day for Microsoft supporters out there and a grim day for the Playstation fanboys out there who will be dealing with the fact that their own supported site is being used to prompt the upcoming competition to their loving system. Now, the only thing left for Microsoft and Digitalfoundry to do is tell everybody where to tune in for this event. I assume we just have to log onto their Digitalfoundry site tomorrow morning for the reveal. It would be easier if it was a video event online like youtube and or Twitch. Hopefully, Microsoft made it available on their on consoles like they normally do. So, as I countdown the hours I can only hope and trust in Phil to deliver the goods. And by “goods” I mean delivering on information that makes me feel like I have a game library to look forward to and not just horsepower for the sake of 4k wording with Cuphead leading the way in the games. If the system is better than we thought then that’s fine but I need a game library that can take advantage of the hardware, especially with the drought that is expected to happen the current line up of poorly hyped titles we know of today.