Well, this is the day that everybody has been waiting on, well sorta. We gained more information on the holy grail of the console world, the Scorpio. Microsoft has done something that is truly different this time and has gone about it differently this time around. This go-around they invited Digital Foundry, a site that is mostly known for its connection with the Playstation side of things in Europe. Basically, Microsoft delivered on all that they promised on this console. Digital foundry was lost for words and was blown away. This is a great thing being that they are so well respected for their insight on games and the way things should work and how it doesn’t work. They were given a chance to ask a question and get answers that seem to be even over their vision and knowledge. They basically repeated over and over again how Microsoft impressed them with their vision and direction on how they created this system. They even gave their own guess about the price being a $499 at launch. This is a little high but justified being that everything that Microsoft promised is real. It has the 6 teraflops and the 12gb of gddr5 memory. They mentioned also that the system will have Directx hardware on the board itself, something that nobody thought about prior and yet its something that makes all the sense in the world to speed up Compute processes. But then what about games you say?


Introducing Forza placed on the Scorpio console! This beast runs 60hz at native 4k with easily with 35% of the GPU still free to do anything else it needs to kill it more. Microsoft says the system will turn current games that are already on the Xbox ecosystem at Native 4k, not upscaled. This part is little questionable for me but I will refrain from judgment until E3. But regardless of this, you have to at least admit this looks super amazing. Can the system do this to all games is the question? If so, nobody is going to have a problem with dropping their money down for this, at least I know I won’t.  But with all this power what about the cooling of this system?


Microsoft thought of this too. They seem to have developed a hardware that will keep this system that runs so powerful and fast, very cool. Even Digital foundry was impressed about this and had no doubt that this would work based on what they saw and understood. So I don’t think people have to worry about another red ring of death ever happening again for Microsoft. Overall, while some expected a little more, I think without spoiling e3, Microsoft delivered on what was needed at this time. They only needed to make sure that the hype stayed with the Scorpio while they proved what they said was real. They didn’t want to loose a lot of momentum going into the E3 event. Again, I just hope Forza is just one of a few more titles we are going to see on the Scorpio for launch at least. I’ve officially hyped up again so I guess they did their job.