Before the fanboys of Microsoft come out to scream their chats, let’s remember a huge fact that is waiting in the wind, Playstation has the games and numbers. This is huge if you ask me if this system is about Microsoft coming back. Personally, I think a grave mistake would be to look at this system as a way to make up numbers and finally come back and win the console wars. Let’s be clear here, it won’t! Microsoft isn’t going to make up the deficit simply by producing another system. Even if Microsoft does everything completely right, Playstation still has to either mess up big time or not evolve for the next 3-4 years for Microsoft to have any real shot of coming back from the worldwide spanking that they have received for the last couple of years from Sony.  But for foreseeable future, all I see coming is the lineup for Sony…

  1. Last of us
  2. God of war
  3. Death Stranded 
  4. Detroit
  5. Grand Turismo
  6. Wipeout 
  7. Spiderman
  8. etc…etc.

The U.S isn’t enough for Microsoft to come back from this. The worldwide global areas are needed for them to conquer before they can have a shot at coming back. But if Microsoft just wants to denominate with this system as a stand-alone system by itself, this is easier than to pit this up as a added on hardware to help them catch up to Sony worldwide Playstation 4 reign. Honestly, though, it’s not going to matter what they say, truth be told. Fanboys will take it this way no matter what they say. Playstation fans will hold on to the overall numbers and Xbox fans will look only at the Xbox S and the Scorpio or the Scorpio by itself vs the Pro. But if Microsoft delivers on the games, not just the hardware, then this may be a point that is less talked about overall until Sony responds back with another system launch to counter the specs of the Scorpio.