The two badest earphones on the planet come to Digitalcrack. This is not going to be a long comparison because so many others have done their very own already. I just thought it would be something I would do really quick being that it’s on my mind. I have both right now and am going through my paces trying to decide which to keep and which one to take back. It’s been harder than I thought honestly. I didn’t really think that the Beats wouldn’t last two seconds against the Jaybirds but they did.

Both earphones have their pro’s and cons of course. The Powerbeats 3’s have that amazing battery life that is unheard of in wireless earphones to date. Even their big brother Beats Headphones holds the other title for battery life over 20 hours. Basically, Apple and Beats have mastered the battery life for earphones and headphones alike thanks to the W1 chip. So any other earphone or headphone have no shot at beating them in this category. So Battery life goes to the Powerbeats 3 hands down.


Next up is a bit of a complex thing for me specifically. I say that because this part of the review is subjectable to me more so than anyone else. I really can’t speak for others on this topic, only me. Comfort is the topic next up. Now I can’t tell you how many others have written about this thing and found opposite results. Most felt like the hook ear design by Beats made them the best fit for moving and being active. They claim they never fall out compared to the Jaybirds that wouldn’t stay in their ears. Well, for me it was the exact opposite. The jaybird seal is unmatched for me. The sealed comply tips in the box for the Jaybirds are hands down the best feeling and seal I have ever had in any earphone. Then when you mix this with the fins and the S design cable configuration you get something that goes in and stays in no matter what I do. I can pull the on the cable and they stay completely sealed in my ears. But the Powerbeats 3, complete opposite. Unless I sat still without turning my head the right side would always pull away from the seal that they had because the cable would stick to my neck of the shirt in the back because it just hangs. I also hated feeling that cable just hang down the side of my face. Due to this, the little seal that the Powerbeats do provide is always being disturbed because there is no real way to deal with that cable like it is with the Jaybird X3’s. Maybe Apple didn’t do something like Jaybird’s S design because it conflicted with the hook design they went with on the beats. I, on the other hand, would have loved to see how an  S-designed Powerbeats 4 would feel. So basically the Jaybirds come back strong for me on this and takes the round.


Now we move to the Overall sound quality. Boy, this was tough. The Powerbeats 3 really showed up on this one and gave the Jaybirds x3 all they wanted. I went into this expected a blowout but got a 3 overtime tied scores. But this wasn’t because they sounded too alike, it was because they hit two different areas of love for me. The Powerbeats, of course, hit that stronger bass output overall. But they didn’t stop there. They came in pretty strong in the mids and nice in the highs. This was something most people get on them for. Not the case on this. I played different styles of music and they played very nicely with all styles that I through at them. From trance, house, RnB, to David Mathew,  and finally to Metalica. The Jaybirds then flipped on me as well. Their bass was like a hidden Beats engine placed in it but its base seems to be tighter than the beats( tighter, not louder) But at the same time, they retained that amazing level of clarity which was very important. But then the earphone nailed one area that the Powerbeats 3 didn’t hit as well, the Soundstage. The Soundstage on these was so wide and beautiful that you can’t help be in a state of amazement. So while the bass levels weren’t as high but yet it was tighter, it made up for this slack in the soundstage area. So who wins this round…I have to give it a Tie. When one takes a lead the other takes it back. So basically you have to decide which is more important for you and your purchasing future in this category.


Lastly is the price. This is where things come to the end. The Price difference depending on the day you catch them on sale or off sale may vary but retail wise the Powerbeats 3 are $200 off sale while the Jaybirds are only $129 off sale. This difference is big for me. I easily feel that the Jaybird provide a better choice for music at their retail price and the little difference that the Powerbeats have on them for battery life isn’t worth the difference in price if you ask me. So this round easily goes to the Jaybirds X3 and the overall Crown! This was a very close battle guys and you could easily see things different and that’s fine. I don’t see how you can be disappointed with either one of these earphones. jaybird-x3-770

With the X3 winning the review award, it still puts me at a point of deciding which to keep and which to take back. You would think that the one that won would easily be the one kept. But this is not the case. Being that I have the x5’s Freedoms I really don’t need another pair of Jaybirds. So if I kept these I would then have to find a way to sell the Freedoms on EBay(good luck). So the convenience of having a battery life in the 12 hour range and the super quick charge makes the Powerbeats a easier choice to just grab and go more so that the X3’s. On top of this I hate to break up my set. So basically the winner is the one I am taking back. And the Losser becomes my personal winner because I’m keeping them.