Microsoft has done its job at making that system as powerful as possible without just turning it into a desktop computer. I think they have done their job in R/D and have developed something truly powerful and yet easy to program for. Yes, it will be the greatest and most powerful console on the planet. Anybody saying otherwise is just in denial or a fanboy. But at the same time, the realization to this story doesn’t lie solely with Microsoft. Unfortunately, the real issue and faint isn’t in their hands now. It’s the third party developers who have this power. Microsoft’s focus on making all current Console games run at native 4k resolution. They believe by doing this, it will remove the power and the advantage Sony has had in this 3rd party titles.  They have no chance at defeating the Sony machine’s exclusives so they are attacking the main source gaming across the board. This is a bold move and one that would normal be a concern in most cases to the competition. But the big issue is Parity. Most people forget that the console gaming industry for 3rd party games has parity clauses in place. Basically, you will never see a game that looks like their demo for Forza put on the Scorpio if they can get close to that level on the Playstation. Developers alway program to the least powerful console to make sure they can get their game ported over properly. In others words, there will never be this huge disadvantage seen on the ps4 pro vs the Scorpio. Also, don’t forget that the developers have invested into Sony and the Microsoft camp can be assured that this loyalty will not pass to them simply because they have a new console on the market.


Case in point is this title. Look above at this native 4k image of this title being reproduced. Notice anything really familiar? I do. The game still looks very similar to the previous game that wasn’t in 4k. Yes, the graphic may have a little bit more texture but this is about it. This game will look like this pretty much when the game is released for the Scorpio and Ps4 Pro. And as far as the difference go, there will not be very many of them. You are not going to get the below image jumps for 3rd party games vs the Ps4 Pro.

Forza 6 Xbox 



Forza 6 tech demo with 4k texture



Much like it is for the ps4 now vs the ps4 pro, it will be one of those things that you would have to point out the difference instead of it being very clear and obvious like it was with the Forza tech demo. Games that already run in Native 4k will look exactly like they do on the ps4 Pro versions that run in native 4k. Games like NBA 2k and Fifa are Native 4k and 60fps. So this will do no more than do the same for Scorpio, but the problem is, most have seen this already from their Pro system. So if you think Fifa, NBA 2k, Madden, and other 3rd party games will jump in graphics for the Xbox while leaving the Pro behind you are in for a rude awakening. What I see with this is a company that will have the most powerful console on the market and yet developers will not program to take advantage of that hardware in fear of messing up their cash cow numbers in the Playstation. This is the honest hard truth in the matter. So Microsoft pushing for the advantages to be with the third party games is a mistake. This is why the exclusive games are a must and if not there, it will truly hurt the launch and the overall thoughts about this console long enough for the Playstation to announce another console that can exceed the specs of the Scorpio. Then what will happen if you give the hardware over to the PlayStation with the games and the developers backing them? Domination continued!