Look, let just get this out of the way now before it even starts. Grand Turismo for PS4 is being played and seen right now. The concern over this and reason why most aren’t really talking about this is the fact that Grand Turismo still looks too much like Grand Turismo for the last gen but just higher resolution. This game hasn’t evolved and based on what has been shown, it won’t be more in depth than Forza Motorsport 4 (yes I said 4). As far as the graphics, this is definitely not going to beat Forza 4k for the Scorpio! I truly hope Playstation fans aren’t fooling themselves in thinking this. Forza is the highest rates racing franchise in the World. Not an opinion, pure fact. So defeating them especially on Scorpio is just not something I see happening based on what they are showing in beta. Yes, I get the game isn’t finished but the core of the game looks and features are. You might get slightly better graphics or a little more features but at the end of the day the look and feel will remain the same for the most part of the final release. And judging the difference between to two screen shoots you could give Grand Turismo and additional 3 more years in development and they still won’t looking as good as Forza 4k. If Xbox fans want something to cheer about this is one of those things. Frankly, I’m a little disappointed in the beta testing for Grand Turismo. I know it’s not finished but I also know what I’m looking at is pretty much what it looks like minus HDR. It still has that same boring animation and slowness about itself. Grand Turismo always struggled with producing a sense of speed for the games as you drove and they haven’t fixed this. They also still don’t show proper damage or great shading effects. Personally, I’m hoping things turn out great for Grand Turismo because I’m still a fan. I’m just being real. Right now it doesn’t look very promising.  What happened to the graphics shown on the trailer?? At least then we could compare more closely.

But even then you still see Scorpio’s version denomination.