Ok, yes I joined the nation of people that have a love their  Apple Watches. I can’t believe that I’m saying this. I have purchased this thing before and took it back because I hated the amount of time I had to charge the watch. I also hated the fact that I couldn’t get the classic look I wanted in a Watch without having to be charged $700. I also hated the expensive Watch bands that Apple was selling for this produce. I just thought and still do think that this is a injustice. Now fast forward to now. What you have is a highly pleased person after my watch band purchase that is.

I finally found the band for the Apple Watch that gave me the exact look and feel I wanted in a band without it costing me hundreds of dollars if not over a thousand if I got the band and Watch combo by Hermes. Now instead of the Nike look ( good but not good enough to keep)I have this one which has that Hermes look, real leather, and the band total was less than $25. For me that band saved this Watch from being taken back for the second time because I could where only so many things that would play nice with neon green and black without spending at least another $50 for a different band. Once I was able to achieve that classic look I fell in love with since I had the original Asus Zenwatch, I was finally able to really start to take notice of the convenience of having Siri on my wrist. Having the ability take a phone call while my hands tied up moving things. Or just simply not have to reset my Watch time because I flew into NJ. Or my favorite, the wrist buzz on maps for driving direction that tell when to turn or wake buzz during sleep times. I know there are plenty more but these are the ones I use the most. So these once overpriced boring Watches have become a overpriced exciting watch and a stay in my digitalcrack’s gadget list. The Apple Watch gets a 4 out of 5 star rating for me