I am not use to this at all. I know I’m still in the honeymoon stages with the Apple Watch right now but it still scares me. First off, I’m a big Watch fan. In fact Watches have been bigger for me than any other product since I was 3. I used to tape the image of the Watch I wanted on my arm or even use water to stick it to my wrist. I absolutely love Watches! So when I get a chance to buy a watch I normally find it very hard not to buy it. The Apple Watch itself has been on my arm for a couple of weeks. So when I went to NJ I not only saw a very nice looking Watch it was very nicely priced. It was Swiss and chronograph, my perfect mix. The brand Tissot! The Watch was steel with sapphire glass to boot. But something happened on the way to the register. I looked down at my Apple Watch and found no pull to buy it anymore. 

The first thing I did was compare that Watch to my Apple Watch. The feel of the Watch on my arm, Apple wins. The accuracy of the Watch, Tissot-quartz, Apple-Atomic( the most accurate format for Time in the world)..so Apple Wins. The looks of the Watch, Tissot steel chronograph with highlights of red and black. Amazing right? But then Apple has different faces and quick ability to swap all kinds of brands that changes everything(just like it did for me when I added that classic brown with white stitching). On top of this I have chronograph options at my figure tip. Apple Wins again!

Pretty soon that $500-$700 Tissot started to fade into the background. All this happened without even bringing up the smart features it has over the Tissot that I have started to rely on very heavily now. Texting by voice, Siri for scores, navigation, fitness tracking, heart rate, sos, etc, etc. . Needless to say the Tissot Watch got left at the counter before check out. What has happened to me? I have become spoiled by technology on my wrist at the cost of leaving behind my standard Watch formate that has dominated for centuries. I’m not sure I like this either. I mean I know it’s my choice but honestly I don’t know how to take this fully. All I know right now is that for the first time in my life this formate of what you define as a Watch has morphed into smartwatches and I love it but I didn’t think this would lead to me not wearing anything else. I have a Tag Heuer Carrera in my bag right now and yet I haven’t once picked it out of my bag to wear it because I needed my Apple Watch for some kind of smart feature daily. Am I that guy that from this point on will only buy smartwatches? Only time will tell.