Well, that didn’t take long did it? This has been a bad week for me and gadgets it seeems. Everything that I have put together and gotten in the last month or so has went out. My computer has some kind of weird surge that cuts out the handshake from the computer to the monitors that nobody can figure out. My garage door is going crazy. My PS4 got damaged while traveling to NJ. And now my Apple Watch blanked out and locked up on me.  

This issue has ended my honeymoon. I know this is recoverable but that isn’t the point for me. It bought me back to to reality basically. Instead of the Apple Watch possibly serving as a death blow to my regular Watches it has kick started it again. Instead of me be blinded by the newness of features and convenience I’m back to reality that Apple watches are just as unreliable as they are realible, if that makes sense. What good is having the ability to answer text without the need to pick up your phone, the ability to answer calls on your wrist, or anything else that identifies it to a smart watch if the unit crashes out on you. And when it crashes out it takes some time to come back. My iPhone is more reliable for smart features that the Apple Watch and my Tag, Citizen, and G-shocks handle time keeping without crashing EVER. So why give Apple $400 when I can put that on a Tissot Watch to add to my collection? Which is exactly what I’m going to do. So keep a look out for the new Watch I’m going to get in place of the Apple Watch soon cause I have already filed for an annulment, sort of speak. I guess I should have waited and saw what the Apple Watch looked like without makeup on before I said I do:)