The Tissot brand has been in the Watch business for over 100 years. Since 1853 to be exact. Watches cost anywhere from 300-$6000 in some cases and they are still well sought after. Brands like the mighty Omega and Tissot are partners in the Watch making business and are listed under the Swatch company umbrella. This particular Watch would be considered a mid range Watch in price as it lists for $650. I got this one for about $400 On Amazon. It comes with a 2 year warranty but buying from Amazon and the store “Perfect Timing” gets you an additional 6 months of warranty. 

As you can tell the Watch comes very professional. The box itself looks fantastic and matches the sure quality the Watch deserves to be in. Tissot makes it their business to prompt in NBA , IFE , Moto Gp , and even NASCAR. They are a very Well known brand because of this. You probably have seen their image watching a NBA game easily. They also are the official time keeper of the Tour de France so you know speed is important to them. 

I am very impressed with the feel and overal functions of the movement and looks of this Watch. It just screams take me home and or put me on doesn’t it? I’m so impressed with this brand I know for sure I will buy again from them. So if you are looking for a very good Swiss made beast of the Watch and you aren’t ready for spend 3-6 thousand on a Tag or others, this is the Watch and brand for you. Digitalcrack’s scores this easily 9:5 out 10. The only draw back is that is not Automatic and the band has to be cut to your size wrist.