Well, we are back into the swing of things again. The Sony camp, needing some kind of excitement is being pulled in every direction by the thought of a new system. A system that they believe will somehow be better than the Scorpio system. A system that they can say the words “teraflops” and put some kinda magical number in front of it like Microsoft did, so they can sleep better at night. Reports are going up everywhere about the possible system announcements of the new Ps5 without even weighing the realness of this statement. 

Let’s cut right to the chase here. Microsoft’s Scorpio isn’t just a system that has 12 teraflops. Without a shadow of a doubt the system’s architect is beyond anything seen today. The way they went about designing this system was not seen or understood until today. Not even Digital foundry guys saw this coming in this way. Even they were blown away with the ingenuity of the design and all that has been custom made for this system. This isn’t done overnight nor in one year. Microsoft has been working on a answer to PS4 since the effect of the Xbox one launch was felt from the DRM. 

If Sony pushes out a system next year that is equal to or better they are rushing that system to the makert. PS4 pro is a great example of rushed equipment and its effect on people that don’t see value in such things. It still hasn’t been accepted by the core PS4 players. Microsoft on the other hand with their Xbox one S is a very well made and thought out system and they have reaped the benefits from it’s launch. 

Sony being in a unique position, can easily muddy up the water from their end. Their fans that have bought the system and have paved the way for them to be on top aren’t ready for another system. In fact the only reason why any person is pushing for another Sony system is because they can’t stand for Microsoft to be better than the Sony. It has nothing to do with them not enjoying their ps4’s or their amazing game lineup. It is solely based on their mental needs for being able to say “we are more powerful”. Problem is, only a handful of the core people even care about that stuff. Most of the core people play on Sony machines because of the games, not the hardware. So none of this stuff will make them move one way or another. 

The biggest issue that connects all the camps together is the fact that each system is being done for their fans not the other. In other words, Microsoft isn’t building the Scorpio for the PS4 fans. They are building a system design for Xbox players. Likewise, Sony’s possible hardware isn’t for the Xbox players, it’s for their core player market. So it doesn’t matter what Microsoft does for their fans or Sony for theirs. People aren’t jumping ship just because of resolution hype or teraflop hype. For the most part now, after all this stuff has gone down since the original launches of the consoles, people are pretty set in their camps and lines have been drawn. So it’s impossible for Scorpio to effect Sony’s camps and vise versa. Gamers aren’t going anywhere unless the company forces them to leave by doing something stupid. But I don’t see that happening with Microsoft again nor with Sony again.