Every year since smartphones became a reality with the first IPhone, comparisons have been done over and over. It’s fun, I guess..for most. For others it’s become a never ending theme that can get really numb at times. The latest flag ship phones included the consistent top dog of the pack, the IPhone vs the second most consistent challenger, a Samsung. For years these two companies have been at each other’s crown over and over again more than any other two companies. At one time it became really sad to see just how bad and purposefully Samsung pushed to rip off Apple. After a couple of years of this they finally created their own direction. Now we can count on Samsung to create something exciting and unique for themselves without having apple to do it first and then they copy. But even with this the difference of the two phones really still blur. I mean, how many times will you use gimmick features to the point that they truly make a difference(this counts for both apple and Samsung). No matter what phone you have they aren’t that different no matter how many times they try and push that thought to the consumers. If we are honest with ourselves, you aren’t going to do anything different on this phone or the other. For the most part, you are going to use the same apps, same background, and call/text/or email the same person. The only true difference comes really in the aesthetics of the phone. So basically you are going to spend $400-$800 just so the phone you have to look different while you do the exact same thing you were just doing a year ago over and over again. If you stop and think about this, it really is silly if you look truly at that fact. This is the trap we all fall too in pretty much all types of products. From cars, to video game console, you could apply this flaw to. With the apple iPhone and the new Samsung s8 the only true point of interest is the Samsung Screen. That extended screen is really beautiful compared to all other phones on the market, right now. But just like all things, this will become the norm very quickly. But for the most part once one goes to purchasing this new Samsung all they are going to do is load all their stuff they just had on their old phone. And outside from a few gimmicks the phone is going to act and be used the same way the previous one did. Now I know there are some cases where the phone is so old that it’s unusable or its damaged from drops and it’s time for a new phone. I can totally understand a person getting another phone. But if you just got the latest and greatest last year and it’s still works and it’s the shatter to pieces I see no reason or purpose to get yet another phone to do the exact same thing I’m doing right now. For others, you might be different and you have the right to be that way.  I guess I’m beginning to look at things a little different the older I get.