Microsoft wasted no time in bringing out this beast on the first intro movie before hitting the stage to talk. I guess they wanted it out of the way so that they could move on to the games they had in store. For me, the moment I saw this thing I was underwhelmed. It’s a smaller Xbox one S that’s black( I do miss the black though), that’s it. No real thought was placed into this design for the outer part. Maybe they were more focused on what was inside the console more than what was on the outside. Sure they made it smaller, like another company known for its fruit. But this doesn’t impress me. Then came the name change. When he said the name it was like someone kicked all the air out of my lungs and stomach. It was so underwhelming to hear the name go from something so beastly like Scorpio to this simple X. From that point on I keep holding on to my seat waiting to be blown away by something but even Forza 7 was a letdown.  It really didn’t look all the different from the Forza that I can play right now. The only real standouts were Anthem, Metro, and Dragon Ball Z, however, they are all third party games. Now for me, this doesn’t matter because I don’t plan on going back to play a ps4 for a while, if ever. But for other people that love comparing and trying to justify their console love, it means the world. Basically, it means they don’t have to look over their shoulders at Microsoft and can sleep better if they are a PS4 fan. In a nutshell, nothing has changed nor will change. PlayStation will still be the best in most gamers minds because they have the more exciting exclusives and Xbox will remain the most innovative in technology and services. Who you ride with, contrary to most people’s thoughts, doesn’t ride on the E3 conferences. E3 is for the fans of that system not the fans of the other system. Companies don’t enter the E3 to be another company for the other fans. They enter to show up for their fans. With that said, believe it or not, the true enemy of the new Xbox one x isn’t Playstation. It’s their own company and system called the Xbox one S.  I have predicted this for many months if not more. The Xbox one S will serve as the biggest hurdle to overcome much like the ps4 served as one for the Pro. The world of gaming really doesn’t care about 4k. It doesn’t make that big of a difference to date. Will that change in the future? I don’t know. But what I do know is that most people that play on the consoles aren’t doing it on a 4k tv or monitor much less one that has HDR. Even if you tell them that the system will make the 1080p look better it will not be enough for someone to let their system go just to get back the same system for slightly better-looking graphics. People just don’t care right now to matter in the numbers. As long as there is a cheaper way to do what they want they will alway take that way. If Microsoft wanted to help sell this way of thinking then they should have shown comparisons videos of the third party games running on a ps4 and Xbox one S compared to a Xbox one X. This way the people can see what they are buying and can see why they are buying the console. Without this, all they are looking at is the promise of the better system without the fruit. Will Xbox One X be powerful? Yes, it will but the fact that Microsoft failed to sell in a way to show the difference in comparison videos will be why this system will not sell and will be considered a failure. Will I buy it? Yes, because I have a setup to take advantage of it plus I have a Ps4 Pro that is collecting dust. Will others? Not very many! Most importantly it will not do much to increase the Xbox one sells in America and this will mean that Microsoft will probably blow a crap ton of money on this push. I just hope it doesn’t hurt Phil Spencer. Overall I will stand as a Xbox one owner and Fan of Phil and Microsoft and confess this was one of the worst E3 showings I have seen from a Game company in recent memories. I would give them a 6 out 10 at the very least.