There is no doubt that PlayStation has the games. They have always been the kings there. But what happens is that people take what PlayStation does and over hypes the reality that this company really has flaws. People think that PlayStation has all the answers when they don’t. Innovation and services they don’t have. So when things like the Scorpio or Xbox x hits fans think to themselves that if Microsoft can do this I know PlayStation can do it. Well here’s a wake up call, PlayStation doesn’t have a answer for the Xbox X. They aren’t ready for an answer because they aren’t sure how to do anything that can beat it right now. They don’t just have some magic potion that produces things better than competition over night. It takes years to come up with something like Xbox one X design. You just can’t wake up in the morning and come up with all the custom design chips set and boards and vapor cooling systems inside a console that small. Sony doesn’t have a answer right now much less something that can come in cheaper than $500. So for Sony, leading at 60 million consoles worldwide, their work is done. So what does your support and money get you? A lazy e3 presentation with one of the most boring person ever put on stage. 

And then all they did was play trailers. Why? Because they felt they didn’t have to do anything more for their fans. They were going to just accept the same information they gave them the last e3, so why bother. They didn’t bother trying and everything they did was last minute and thrown together without any passion of true planning. Even the crowd was boring there. It was like they were sleep or something. 

The hype hurt PlayStation is the bottom line. People were claiming that a ps4 pro with 4k drive was coming and then a ps5 and none of that happened. Now the fans will claim that all they care about is games. But in reality it sickens them to believe their console will not be the best in graphics anymore, especially for third party games where people show comparisons on. They have teased xbox for years about how weak their graphics are. If it’s not the resolution its the frame rate. Even when xbox one first came out and had exclusives up the butt ps4 fans claim they still had the most powerful system and better graphics. But now, they are going to say graphics/frame rsre don’t matter, it’s about the exclusives. It’s pretty much a never-ending story. A story that will never end with Microsoft over taking PlayStation in worldwide numbers. And that is the real elephant in the room. No matter what Microsoft does the majority of the people worldwide still choose PlayStation. And those who love the Xbox one will still back them no matter how PlayStation sell. 

At the end of the day both companies didn’t live up to their potentials and left their fans wanting more. To me Xbox team did more and therefore has the crown this year. Thats if you can call it a crown being that e3 was so bad all together. PlayStation’s score is a 5 out of 10.