Well the news is out and it’s not good for Microsoft. As always the numbers matters in gaming and development. Destiny has announced that their game on the Xbox One X will not support frame rate higher than the ps4 pro at 30fps. That’s right a system that is clearly in everyway more powerful is being held back to rich only 30fps while the PC version is upcapped.  So basically the advantage of having a more powerful system is neutralized because of parity pushing. I knew this was coming. Most game companies will duplicate this very thing. This is why I believed that Phil Spencer should have unified this system with PC formating. This way the developers wouldn’t have a choice. They wouldn’t dare put out a 30fps locked frame game on PC and this would by default place the best version of that game into the hands of Microsoft.  But they didn’t and this will become the norm very quickly and unfairly to the gamers from others developers. Personally I think the Xbox gamers should stand up and boycott this game’s purposeful sabotage by this developer to help Sony.  But we all know they won’t. They will sit back, let this go on, and fuse and scream but still buy the game. Sony still wins and their precious gamers ego can remain.