TechCrunch says “there’s no question” that the Xbox One X “is definitely a game system that puts out great visuals”

All the titles currently optimised for the Xbox One X, including Forza Motorsport 7, “looked” and “played great”, the site reports.  

Well, looks like nobody disputes the power the Xbox one X. People that played the new system are reporting very favorable results from the system. And it seems very clear that the system clearly has the best graphics of the any system out to date. This is great news for the people that are waiting on this system. The hardest thing to do is truly show something online vs in person.  And what I gather is that the confirmation on power is a thing to be seen in person. So to the nay sayers out there about this system, you can stop now. The “system” is exactly what it claims to be. To the fanboys of the system, this power means nothing if the developers don’t use it. I can’t stress enough the concern over parity. No developers wants to really confess they are only doing bare minimal for one system to keep the other system happy. Games like the original watchdog and now Destiny 2 are prime examples of this. But can you blame them, especially now that Sony has a 60 million fan base? I don’t think any developers will allow their game to really look so differrnt and better that PlayStation fans get mad. Why make 30 million fans more happy than 60 million? This is just the reality of the gaming world. One that Microsoft could have put to rest if they had just unified the PC and xbox games together. That way xbox players can just put the PC version on their console and uncap the frame rate or resolution blocks of the games. Developers know they can’t touch the PC side of things and Microsoft would benefit from this greatly. it stands, we aren’t yet at the launch window of the console and we already have developers purposeful holding back. You can’t tell me that if a system that has 40% less power can reach 30 fps, that the system with 40% more power has the equal limits( cough..Cough Destiny 2). It’s almost laughable! If this was the other way around, Sony fans would be making death threats like they always do when they don’t get their way. Just saying!