So you have a Xbox one S and you are fine with it. You have Ps4 Pro and you are fine with it. Even if you have a Nintendo Switch, you also may be fine with it. There are a lot of choices out there in gaming, both in hardware and software. What you choose could be based on a tone of different things. Most importantly you have the right to have those determining factors. 

For me it’s always about innovation. After getting over the name change and look, I was forced to really focus on why this system is the “Most Powerful” console in the world. Microsoft did an amazing job at research and development. They did their homework and planned ahead properly. This stands out even more when you see how the PlayStation left out a crucial piece like a 4k disc drive last year and still didn’t correct it this year. Something Xbox S got right straight out of the gate and something the Xbox X will have as well. Why did this happen? Because Sony was lazy and unprepared just like they were this year at e3 ’17 yet again. Their success has put them in a bad spot of familiarity, back in their ps2 days. They dominated with arrogants and didn’t do what they needed to do for their fans. Microsoft, on the other end of things did their homework and knew that PlayStation weren’t coming out with anything more powerful than theirs. Even if you don’t know it, it’s impossible for a company to surprise competition with something nobody knew about. 

The moment companies are hired for board, video card, cpu and even memory the others know about. Microsoft knew that Sony wasn’t ready to be more powerful than what they were bringing to the table. That’s why they could deem this and brand it on their site as “The world’s most powerful console” Think about all the changes Microsoft would have to make if Sony released a ps5 that was more powerful. Sony didn’t and Microsoft knew that. This is why I knew Ps5 was not going to be announced at E3 while the fanboys dreamed and wished. It takes time and a lot of research to even rush a system to the market. But when you see how Microsoft designed the Motherboard, the vapor chamber, development its own technology method of delivering its own power management, and made the system even smaller, you start to see this was being worked on for a while. It’s so well done that I honestly can’t see how any company can have a better system without creating a PC and even then that advantage would be marginal. 

Then there is Phil Spencer. He still missed out on some things with the Xbox X. It’s still not perfect, nothing is. I still believe the true advantage of Microsoft isn’t being used. He has the ability to unify the PC and Consoles as one platform. He just isn’t doing it. This would instantly solve exclusives and first party problems all together. And it would make that hybrid platform the most denominating platform we have ever seen. But some reason I believe he knows this. He has a good heart and I think he fears what this could mean for PlayStation and Nintendo if he does this and he doesn’t. And this kind of thinking puts him in a unique position as leader. He can shape the gaming world if people would just trust his vision. I do, and above all others reasons he is among the most important. 

So what are you getting for the fair price of $499 (Yes, I said fair because it is)? Well, we get the best place to play ALL third party games and some decent first party games. For me personally, games like Anthem, Forza, NBA 2k, Madden, Fifa, and NHL are must have’s in my gaming life for 2017-2018. While first party games are important to others they aren’t to me. Mostly because they are one and done games and or first person shooters.  And as long as the Xbox X will be delivering the best platform for third party games while killing in services and network power I’m in. So that’s why I will role with Xbox X. It’s a great feeling to know where you belong when you have been torn between consoles.