It’s coming! It’s coming in November and it’s not going to have to beg me for my money. I say this with confidence. Despite all the hang ups and unknowns that can surround a system release. Especially a system not named Playstation. Despite the lack of AAA Exclusives and changed name. So why then would such a system and situation interest me? Because my games that I play will be designed for my Xbox One X.


Games like Forza 7, Fifa 18, Madden 2018 and just confirmed NBA 2k18 will be Xbox one X enhanced for 4k textures( not just 4k resolution), frame rates, and with HDR. This is everything to me. If no other games are purchased by me these will be without fault. Every single game takes backseats to these games above. And those that know me know that I am absolutely into sports games above all else. No other game, exclusive or otherwise is played more by me. Your system can have the very best exclusives in the world but if you aren’t the best place to play sports games, it means nothing to me. Honestly, it’s really been over the moment Xbox Scorpio words hit the Screen last year for me. After seeing this it’s like a laughing joke to think of any other direction for me. All the other third party games and my Sports games are all I need for the system to be in my house and devoted to its brand. I know others are thinking about other games like Uncharted, Spiderman, and Detriot. For me, the only thing these games ever brought me is motion sickness from the first two and an unfulfilled feeling after beating games like the last because it has no replayability.  For you or others this may be different so I would not dare tell others that my direction is the best direction for them. I see everyone’s path as unique to them and them alone. My Son and I love Xbox’s advantages with Family-Share and don’t see use ever going anywhere, especially after this confirmation. For me, if you can make things different and better in the 3rd party games I play, then those games are exclusives to me because I can’t play them anywhere else and get the same results.