I’m sure by now you are fully use to shots being fired from Sony and Microsoft. Both have their history of low blows and neither are innocent in all things.  So this isn’t about bashing Sony themselves. But when the studios make statements like this, it can start to be concerning and disrespectful. Yes I know this isn’t a typical third party studio. And yes, I know first party studios are licensed to that company and represent them. But that studio is still independent in and of itself. In others words it can be fired and or can quit and it can seek other employment separate from Sony. Similar to what Bungie did against Microsoft. So while not as bad if this was a third party developer it still shows a level of disrespect. But I’m not talking about of Microsoft, this shot was fired at the gamers. This is what made this a act of war. In fact, most people responded in shock and disbelief, even from Sony’s owners( surprisingly). They took the statement in a different way than the studio hoped. An attack on gamers is still an attack on gamers. If they simply went after the console or Microsoft this would have been something different. But they didn’t and most people responded back as to say that they will skip the game now due to this twitter attack on xbox one owners. 

The simple truth of the matter is that first party studios, although liked and bragged about, don’t really sell well as such when you take in mind the amount of gamers on that console. Case in point, Sony claims to have about 60 million ps4 owners. Well what percent of those 60 million owner actually felt the need to buy Uncharted, Last of Us, and or any other so called “greatest game ever made” reviewed game exclusive. No first party games the ps4 has sold has reached even 20% of their ownership possibly never even getting 10% of them.  As loud as PlayStation owner and studios brag on first party games, the truth is, the third party studios sell more because they are opened to more chances in selling their games. Most PlayStation fans just want something to brag about. These same fans don’t even bother putting down money to get these games. Check the numbers out yourself against any first party game out there vs 60 million owners. You will be surprised at the % of fans that never buy these so call great titles. Detroit will be no different. It will be a game to brag about but not buy. And saying things like this hurts their chances even more. As of now they found a way to remove this twitter entry in hopes of coving this mistake up, but I think the damage might have been done. But then again we are talking about PlayStation, their bad laundry normally gets swept away really fast. I did have a hard time finding more than one article about this as of today.