The world’s most powerful console is heading out to you in 4 months. Just four months remain between you and “real 4k”, as they say. The problem is, they forgot to tell the developers this is what they need to make too. Everybody is talking very badly about the games that are coming in with checkerboarding 4k instead of native 4k as Microsoft advertised. Now, right away we have all heard of Checkerboarding from the ps4 Pro. So when a system as powerful as the Xbox one X has games to use Checkerboarding ignorant people try and rip the console. When will people understand the facts?

Fact One: Nobody disputes the power inside the Xbox one X compared to any other system out today. So if it’s more powerful than the Pro it will produce better graphics. This is a 1+2=3 mathematics problem easily proven. So where the limits leave off on the Pro the One X will produce more leaving those limits behind not coming up the same. It’s just flat out facts not opinion. This easily means superior results. 
Fact two: The easiest to make a point about and the most overlooked and ignored part to all this is the mere fact that the Console doesn’t decide the game resolution and frame rates, the developers do. The console provide the platform to accomplish things. The developers must do their job to properly use the console to get the best results. Checkerboarding is a lazy way of avoiding having to divide and push the system properly to give the best results in games. Just like 720p and 900p games did. When every single game almost from first party Microsoft games reached 1080p but somehow when third party developers put their games out they were all 900p and 720p. Either the system can or can do it. If even one AAA games produced the graphics properly it proves the other developers just didn’t want to put the effort in to do it. 

Microsoft’s problem will always be perceptions. Ignorant people and websites push the idea of a weaker system or a system that can’t do things, then this is what others will say and believe. It’s truly a shame that people can’t think for themselves. Even when a PlayStation base website such as digital foundery reports how impressive the One X is it takes only one or two reports about game developers, who either don’t want to push the system or don’t know how to push the system, to claim anything different, to undo everything that was said . We also now have some people believing that the PRo is just as powerful (it sure the heck isn’t) because it uses checkerboarding in it’s games. The difference is that Sony designed a Checkerboarding system and pushed checkerboarding to save face and give a reason to buy the console that barely more powerful than its current one. Microsoft created a 4k native console that had to ability to use Checkerboarding as a secondary option, not it’s primary. Microsoft also put in a 4k disc drive while again sony took the easy way out buy not even bothering to do put in a 4k drive. Then on top of that convince fanboys that at $399.99 or $350 that this makes it a better buy over $499 One X. Once again..”perceptions”. Last time I checked, xbox consoles are far superior in online gaming, interface, the best controller in gaming, custom equipment, have 4k drives, better apps, family share, EA access, Espn, up converts your TV providers resolutions, backward compatibility, and 4k streaming services like VuDu, Mixer, others, all while on the edge of delivering the most powerful console in the world. There is nothing to compare if you being honest with yourself. Yet Microsoft has to justify everything while Sony can tell it’s followers what’s good for them without ever once asking them and they fall right in line. It doesn’t matter how stupid it is, “4k drives aren’t needed in this 4k gaming machine”, “EA access doesn’t provide a value to our customers” or “we want to keep our players safe so we won’t allow them to play with other platforms”. It’s pure stupidity and people fall for over and over. Maybe one day someone will make Sony answer questions over and over and just keep putting out false reports like they have done to Phil Spencer over and over again. Are we sure Trump isn’t secretly the president of Sony?