Days ago people acted shocked about Playstation forging video footage to help save face against the Xbox one X game Anthem. Why is beyond my understanding. They have always done this from the days of Ridge Racer to Killzone. They have lied and continue to be the most lying gaming company in the world. But nobody ever makes them answer to it. Yet if this was done by Microsoft it takes them months even years to live down any hint of mischief.


Playstation continues this trend with ever single, and I do mean every single video they have ever played featuring VR games.  Every single video is some doctor image of the game that makes you really believe that the graphics are going to be amazing. It’s not, this image is what it looks like playing on a TV, not the headset. All, say it with me, “ALL” VR games graphic suck compared to what you see on the monitor and or TV for regular games. No headset out there can display graphic better than a Monitor and or TV. All you see is poor textures and horrible double lines and limited gameplay. VR is a failure, a failed attempt of resurrecting something that died in the 80’s and should have remained. Sales suck, game sales suck, and real gamers don’t want to waste time and money playing it. Wiring is everywhere for the most of the units out there especially on the Playstation VR and people have left that age of wiring a long time ago. Who wants to go back to being tied down again? True gamers don’t want this stuff and this is the reason why Vr units aren’t stocked with many units on shelves, and those limited few placed on the shelves,  sit there for months without selling. It’s also the reason why Microsoft didn’t bother announcing VR yet. They can clearly see it’s weak and watered down technology that’s dead and gamers aren’t lining up for it.