It’s really sad to see how desperate the media and fanboys are. Here are the facts, not opinions. Everyone that currently has a console out is working on the next one. Right now the Microsoft camp is already working on the next installment. So by right, we can start talking about that console too as if it’s coming too but that doesn’t change the fact that this system is not ready to come out anytime soon, nor is the Ps5. Just in case you are ignorant of the facts, let me remind you what is truly before a system can even think to be ready for release. The first thing that has to happen is a production of test equipment to start to test out the power. They have to produce boards, sign licensing agreement for Video cards, and produce hundreds of different hardware styles from the controller to the case arrangement. They have to worry about cooling and heat production. They have to worried about Software and CPU arrangement in most cases. All this and they still have to talk to developers and get out kits for them to start to produce for the system. They have to see what they need to do to properly balance the power that they need for the vision of games they plan on producing for that system. Bottom line is that there is always another system being created but it doesn’t make this system any more ready than a pipe dream until all these things are in place and they aren’t. Which is why the ps5 is no more of a reality than the Xbox one X part 2. Stop dreaming, making yourself feel better. The Xbox One X is coming and there is nothing Sony can do to stop it. Live with this fact and move on. It’s ok fanboy’s, the PlayStation will not be the best system nor will it be the most powerful system much longer. And it’s ok to be this way because it’s the truth. Better to live with reality than myths. You should focus on your games and support of your favorite console. Why worry about the Xbox one X being more powerful? Are you that shallow?