Well when the words “Best mouse ever made” is thrown around, you know that I had to check it out for myself. Granted, I didn’t have my PC setup last year, so I missed out on the original Mx Master Mouse that started this trend. Even then I had heard rumblings about this mouse and how great it was. Personally, at that time I had no cause to really give it a second thought but always thought it looked cool. I wondered what a mouse would feel like shaped like that. Once I got my PC build I kinda forgot about the original Mx Master. Logitech was still something that pulled my attention when I first felt that Infinite scroll on the mouse wheel but it never dawned on me that this existed on the MX Master I saw prior to my PC build. So I ended up with the G02 mouse from Logitech, which some will say is still better for gaming.


I love this mouse still and still have it of course. I really didn’t have any complaints about this mouse and love the feel but I was getting a little curious about my set up look without the wired mouse. So when I saw this mouse and saw the headings on it, it sparked my memory about the original and I had to know what I was missing. So here I am. Testing what some would say the two greatest mice out on the market.


The moment I got this out of the box and plugged up the USB connector it was off to the races. The first thing I did was feel that amazing, super amazing hump curve. The mouse felt so amazing that very moment I laid my hand on it. The way the mouse supports and fits my hand completely was exactly what I thought it might feel. I thought the G02 felt amazing but this mouse is truly the best I have ever felt. I couldn’t believe how perfect this design was. I can tell you without a doubt there is no lag or difference I can feel or perceive using this wireless mouse vs the G02 wired mouse.  And unlike the G02, the Mx Master series gives you the amazing SmartShift sensitivity options. This is the infinite scroll super version that gives you the best of all worlds of scrolling. Everything from the button lay out to the texture is completely a work of art. While this may be almost exactly like the previous model, I really have nothing to compare it to because I didn’t have the previous one. So I can’t say that this is better than the original feel of the MX master 1. It looks like it’s exact but I could be wrong.


The difference that I think this has is the software and the battery life. The original is set at a 40-hour battery life while the MX 2 is set at an amazing 70-hour battery life. This is truly incredible! Basically, you may want to charge the mouse once every 2 months but that’s about it. I personally don’t know of a wireless mouse that has a better battery life. Logitech has done some incredible and notable things being such a small company and I take my hat off to them.


They could have stopped with the battery life but they didn’t. They created a software set that allows the users to use multiple PCs like a dual monitor layout. One mouse can go from the Mac to the PC on your desk without having to plug in things. You have complete access to multiple computers using the same mouse without breaking. This software option built into a mouse has never been seen before. You would think this should be a standard option for all mice on the market but it isn’t. Once again they stand out and impress many. Then after this, they gave you the software to customize every single button and response on the mouse which is really pleasing. You can make this mouse act just like you need it to. On top of this, it allows you to design different feel and button options for the different programs you use. So basically you have your mouse act completely different for Spotify than it does for Chrome. Every single software you have on your PC or Mac will respond and act differently if you chose to do this. Even the level of DPI you choose to have for different program and games you can custom design it for.


When you add all the features up you get an incredible presentation of a package not seen in the mouse world to date. It is truly breath taking to see and feel. Right now, I will continue to see what this brings to the table for my work load. Can’t wait to see how this affects my time line video editing. I hear it’s amazing. Overall, right now, I will have to give this mouse a Perfect 5 Star rating until I can find something wrong with it. I only see perfection and art in my hands. And I don’t know if I will be returning to G02 mouse but it’s still on stand bye, just in case.

Added two cents:

After more hours and more custom adjustments, I can tell you without any doubt in my mind that this is the greatest feeling mouse I have ever owned or felt.